Pentapati Pullarao – River Godaveri Valley

Dr.Pentapati Pullarao along with Inspector General of Forests, Government of India at Papikonda Game Sanctuary in Andhra Pradesh in the River Godaveri Valley.

On the request of Dr.P.Pullarao, the Ministry of Environment sent a delegation of officials to visit the bigegst Game sanctuary. Dr.Pullarao ahd demanded that the government protect the decimated Wild Bison population of the Game sanctuary.
Pentapati Pullaerao with Inspector General

Dr.Pentapati Pullarao addressing agitating fishermen on the River Godaveri. These fishermen were protesting against the proposed Polavaram dam, which will destroy their livelihoods.

These are traditional fishermen whose families have been living on the River Godaveri for centuries.

Pentapati Pullarao River Godaveri

Dr.Pentapati Pullarao in Papikonda Hills on the River Godaveri with tribals and other activists.

Dr.Pullarao was accompanied by forest officials and others and assured them of help. The National Human Rights Commission has issued orders on the petition of Dr.Pentapati Pullarao to help the poor forest dwellers of all castes and communities.

The meeting was held at Koruturu Panchayat.

Pentapati Pullarao in Papikonda Hills


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