Kejriwal‘s Wrong Steps In Varnasi – Pullarao Pentapati

Kejriwal is learning that success cannot be repeated every day. Kejriwal and his associates are masters of the media mindset. They are all street –smart and know how the ordinary man reacts to a given situation. They have been very successful and the country was pleasantly surprised that without money and huge offices and a media, a new political party can thrive. In Delhi, the Kejriwal party mad e a great opening, The issue ether is not how they did in Delhi or whether they were right in resigning after 49 days.



The issue here is whether Kejriwal and party associates have made various errors in the run-up to the 2014 Parliament elections. The major error is that they raise high expectations that there will be massive crowds. When that does not happen, naturally the media points it out and they are shown as flops. No political party gets crowds these days unless they are paid and ferried. Since the AAM Admi Party (AAP) does not want to do that, they have to be careful where they want to hold public meetings and also other related issues.
In Varanasi, they located their meeting on March 25, 2014 at a huge Maidan and the ground was only half-full. Instead of a public meeting, it could have been a road show, finally ending up at the Ganges in the evening. That would have served their purpose that crowds came and the media would have been happy.
Instead, by choosing specific locations, AAP failed to understand that the media would criticize them rightly. Before the meeting, local AA officials said they expected 50,000 people. This did not happen. While one can excuse their in-experience, what cannot be excused is their inability to seek advice or make careful choices in such critical matters.
Repeated errors will eventually erode their strength and political sustainability. These errors are self-made and they could have easily been avoided. Whether it shows they have too much on their plates and unable to take good decisions or whether they have an ingrained arrogance that they know best, only time will tell. But continuous mistakes will surely ensure that the punishment will be severe and even fatal. That is what they have to watch out for.


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