Why blame Dr. Manmohan Singh for Congress Electoral Problems – Pullarao Pentapati

In the last week, Indian media has carried stories slyly blaming Dr.Manmohan Singh for the electoral problems of the Congress party.   The thrust of the argument is that if only Dr. Manohan Singh had been more active and aggressive, then everything would have been different. The other whispers coming out of the Rahul Gandhi camp are that Dr.Manmohan Singh really did not put his heart in the   second UPA government from 2009. The obvious inference is that though the Gandhi camp was aware of this flaccid performance they were generous and did not show the door to Dr.Manmohan Singh.

Why blame  Dr. Manmohan Singh for Congress   electoral  problems

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Pullarao Pentapati – Congress Party 2014 Manifesto: Main promises

a. Economy: The Congress Party assures India that it will ensure it will ensure   8% growth of the economy. It has belatedly realized that without a strong economy, it cannot implement infra-structure and welfare schemes. In the last 5 years, Congress party and government resorted to deficit financing and borrowing to meet expenditure .This has let loose the severe inflation which resulted in high price rise. What it did not go in the last 5 years, Congress party has promised to do in the next 5 years. The Congress party does not explain why it did not ensure 8% economic growth in the last 5 years.


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