Pullarao Pentapati – Congress Party 2014 Manifesto: Main promises

a. Economy: The Congress Party assures India that it will ensure it will ensure   8% growth of the economy. It has belatedly realized that without a strong economy, it cannot implement infra-structure and welfare schemes. In the last 5 years, Congress party and government resorted to deficit financing and borrowing to meet expenditure .This has let loose the severe inflation which resulted in high price rise. What it did not go in the last 5 years, Congress party has promised to do in the next 5 years. The Congress party does not explain why it did not ensure 8% economic growth in the last 5 years.


b. Promise to Minority to have  Anti-Communal violence Bill:

There was great was great opposition to this bill by all opposition parties. Many Congress leaders also felt that such a bill will alienate the majority community. The bill was not allowed in parliament. The Congress talks about consensus and taking everyone along. This is one prime example of how the Congress tries to force laws which create enmities. The Congress Party talks about taking everyone along. Why restrict this Bill only to one community y? If the Bill is so good, then let all people enjoy the protection of this Bill. This promise has again created divisiveness in society.

c. Education: The Congress party promises many Central Universities. Wherever it desired , like  Rae Bareli  and  Ameethi Constituency, the  Government had established Central Universities at the cost of hundreds of crores .This policy has  destroyed the State university system. Traditional state Universities now lag behind Central universities in prestige and all other criteria simply because Central government pumps more money in them. Lakhs of students would benefit if State universities receive such funds. What this has done is to make state Universities inferior and second class universities .Today there are 42 Central universities and maybe 300 State universities. Soon, the number will increase to 150 Central universities. Why not close down all the state universities?   By creating a few Central universities, it favors some people at huge expense and further pushed the state universities into a more inferior position. Here again, the Congress manifesto will harm higher education. The Congress   is harming the University system by creating elite central universities and reducing state universities.   This is again a negative step.

d. Creation of 10 crore new jobs :

This is a very noble aim of the Congress. Btu if this was possible, then why did the government not create even 1 crore jobs in the last 5 years? The government laid great emphasis on the Loot Scheme NREGs which paid about Rs. 120 per day for no work. These types of schemes do not create new jobs. Therefore the government has no skills or ideas to actually create the 10 crore jobs. But it sounds good. So people like Chidambaram and Jairam Ramesh keep talking about such things. In reality, in the last 5 years, the Congress government has created only 1 crore new jobs.

e. Agriculture:

In the last 10 years, nearly 2 lakh farmers have committed suicides in India. The Congress party is totally silent on this matter. In its Manifesto for Agriculture:  “FDI in retail will cure agriculture. This means foreign companies will open big shops and farmers will benefit. Then it wants to give farmers more agri- education. “Obviously, this manifesto was written by someone like Jairam Ramesh who never visited a farm. The manifesto is silent on the impact of NREGS on farmers. The manifesto is silent on higher prices for farmers and on relief for lakhs of farmers, who are committing suicides and how to prevent them. The silence of the manifesto on farmers shows that it does not care to nurture agriculture. The Congress party has become an urban based entity and depends on reservations and other social schemes for votes.   Small country like Netherlands, with the population of Haryana, is the world’s biggest exporter of agricultural products. Congress party should have done more home-work on   agriculture.

f. Fighting corruption:

This is the strangest point in the manifesto. The Congress party promises to make many more laws to fight anti-corruption. That means laws will prevent corruption. But the Manifesto is silent on Ashok Chavan of Adarsh Scam, Railway Minister Pawan Bansal who allegedly sold railway jobs and hundreds of others involved in corruption and a host of others in the telecom Scam. Here again, there is no action proposed but a torrent of words against corruption has been let loose.

g. Internal security; the manifesto says that it will fight Maoists everywhere. It will upgrade the police. It will change the way the police works. It will develop the Maoist affected areas. The question again is when you did nothing in 10 years, what will you do in 5 more years? In states like Chhattisgarh and Jharkhand, there is no government in large areas.

President Obama of USA famously said: “If you do things the same way, then the outcome will not be different”.  To get different results, you have to do things differently. The Congress manifesto of 2014 is written by the same people who wrote the Manifesto in 2009. The results will be the same.


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