Pullarao Pentapati – April 10, 2014: Important Day For Aam Admi Party

The Lok Sabha election for Delhi state was completed on April 10, 2014. Whatever be the results of the 7 Lok  Sabha seats in Delhi, the BJP and Congress party can live with them. But for the Aam Admi party, April 10 is extremely important.  How it fared today will determine its future. In politics, as in most things in life, perceptions are more important than reality.

Important day for Aam Admi Party

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Chief Ministers Will Face Consequences – Pullarao Pentapati

There are many Chief Ministers who are taking the 2014 parliament elections very seriously. They are ambitious and have made the 2014 election into a referendum on themselves. Sensing that the Congress party has gone down and that the BJP might not form a government, many Chief Ministers have fancied a situation whereby they will have a major control in the 2014 government. Every chief Minster dreams of a situation like 1996 when Deve Gowda became the Prime Minister and both the BJP and the Congress were not part of the government.

Delhi Assembly session

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