Andhra Political Parties Focusing on New Capital For Personal Gains

The political parties in the residual Andhra Pradesh and politicians   want to take advantage of the disaster which has happened in Andhra due to the bifurcation of the State. The people are still shocked and not sure what t does and how their lives will be affected. But the politicians are up and running…they are running fast to locate a new Capital right where they have invested huge sums on barren lands over the last 4 years.

Andhra political parties focusing on new capital for personal gains

They are ready for a new capital. The idea is that if the new capital is located in either Guntur or Prakasam district, which is somewhat in the mid-area of the new Andhra Pradesh, they stand to reap billions.

Land was bought cheaply in this area over the last 10 years. If a new capital is to be located in that area, then the values of land will sky-rocket. Just as junk dealers use to rush workers to battle fields centuries ago to strip the dead soldiers of all clothing, shoes and any personal effects, we find that our politicians are more interested in gaining fro0m the political and social disaster.

They couch words about a new capital as if it will be paradise. But their intention is purely sinister. They want to get hold of the contracts and all other construction activity. They want to reap billions.

Where is the need for a state capital in a hurry?  Right now, we have Hyderabad as the new capital for 10 years and no one will object if it has more years. A new capital should be selected carefully and after much thought.

Emperor Akbar selected Fatehpur  Sikri as his capital and had  to abandon it. Right now we have the example of the Burmese government which built a new capital costing billions in the wildness s and a wilderness it remains.

I quite verbatim from a report in another paper about the new capital of Burma.

“Welcome to the capital of Burma, Naypyidaw. This newly created artificial tribute to the glory of the military Junta (who have ruled Burma since WWII) has all the hallmarks of a 21st century capital city: rows of towering hotels, grandiose museums and eight-by-eight lanes of pristine highways. There is just one thing with this capital city that sets it apart from all other capital cities: no one seems to live in it.

“Why would you want to go there? There’s nothing there,” asked the owner of our hostel when we discussed the possibility of visiting Naypyidaw. Strolling around the miles and miles of deserted motorway circling the outstretching ghost town a few hours later, the blank and confused expression on his face seemed completely justified.

On November the 6th, 2005 at exactly 6:37AM, Burma’s capital was moved from the cultural, historical and economic heartland of the country, Yangon, to a barren site 320 miles further north. Than Shwe, then despotic ruler of Burma, had been advised by his team of highly prominent astrologers that this was the most auspicious time for the transfer.”


Even today, the new Burmese capital is desolate. But the government paid billions of dollars’ to foreign countries to build it. Andhra people should remember that once a capital is selected in a hurry, we can never change it. Let us carefully think over it.  The politicians can find other ways to make money.


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