A Little Knowledge is Dangerous Said Einstein the Greatest Scientist of Our Time


A little knowledge is dangerous said Einstein the greatest Scientist of our time. But a little knowledge is enough for our politicians to be firm on how to develop the country. If you look at the way India has veered from prosperity to poverty in the last 10 years, the rulers should at least admit they made some mistakes. Instead, they stress that the only mistake they made was that they did not properly market their “successes”. Repeatedly we hear Congress leader’s state that if only they had launched intense advertisement campaigns they would have won the 2014 elections hands-down.

A Little Knowledge is Dangerous Said Einstein the Greatest Scientist of Our Time

The thrust of the argument is that if you spend enough on welfare schemes than there will be immense improvement of social indexes and people will run to the ballot boxes . Kerala is cited frequently on how wonderful that state is and how the rest of the country is lagging behind. But Kerala is a horrible example of what not to be.

People forget that Kerala gets at least Rs.60, 000 crores per year as remittances from foreign countries. Male members and Female members of a family leave everything behind and struggle in foreign countries and send back money.  Foreign remittances keep Kerala going. Construction activity and educational institutions and medical facilities run only because foreign remittances finance them. It is not that the Kerala Governments have created intense economic activity that the State thrives and their social indexes are good. What would be the scenario if remittances stop? When there was on economic downslide in the Gulf, we round that Kerala felt the tremors immediately. The linkages between foreign prosperity and Kerala is too stark to be forgotten.

If Kerala is taken an example then we should ensure that at least 25% of all able-bodied people should be sent to foreign countries to stay there in near bondage and send back money-orders for their families to survive and feed their families. But the international labour market is limited. There is competition from other poor Asian Countries like Pakstan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Burma, Philippines, etc.

The Kerala model can thrive only in isolation. To this day, it is hard to find any Congress leaders say that they made mistakes. It is also hard to find any Congress leaders admit in public that the National Advisory Council and its social engineering boomeranged on the Congress. What are left are words and hot air.

The people have emphatically shown that the Congress model has failed. A good beginning can be made by junking the entire social engineering model of the NAC and the Congress and formulate a new “Big Tent” strategy which would be all-inclusive. Right now, the Congress model is exclusive in that the urben poor and the lower middle classes and the middle classes have been excluded.

The 70 crore people have been forgotten and Rahul Gandhi has remembered them too late. Perhaps he did not know they also vote sometimes.


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