Polavaram Dam is anti -people Project

Polavaram Dam across the River Godaveri in Andhra Pradesh, is perhaps the best example of the worst type of public waste. Such a dam was conceived nearly 80 years ago. The site for the longest dam in India was imagined or vaguely contemplated at Polavaram , keeping in view the level of science and technology of that time. Dams took decade to be built.

Polavaram Dam is anti -people project
After the passage of nearly 75 years, suddenly the Andhra Pradesh government decided to build a huge dam at that site. No consideration was given to the environmental issues or the demography of the area.No attention was paid to the latest developments in science or power generation.

In the last 9 years, thousands of crores of Rupees have been sunk into this project. Till date, the Polavaram dam has not received all he environmental clearances needed. Other States like Odisha and Chattisgarh have objected to this project. Strangely and critically, the new State of Telengana has
Strongly objected o he Polavaram Dam, sine the River Godaveri lows through it, before it enters Andhra Pradesh.

4 lakh (four hundred thousand) people will be displaced by Polavaram. The largest Dam in China is the 3 Gorges Dam. Polavaram Dam is the largest dam in India and compares negatively with the Chinese 3-Gorges dam.

The question is whether it is necessary to stop this Polavaram dam now. An in-correct decision should be rectified. A better location can be found and two more upstream dams can be built. That will result in less damage with the same amount of water storage.

The original decision to locate the Polavaram dam was not taken by experts and there was no discussion. Let experts of Andhra Pradesh and other States discuss the future of the dam, which is causing so much damage to four lakh people.


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