Pullarao Pentapati – Both Gujarat Model and Congress Model are Useless

The media has been carrying all kinds of views from nondescript people that the Gujarat model is not good. This could very well be so. Narendra Modi is no redeemer. Neither can one predict whether he can manage Delhi. Time will tell.

Both Gujarat Model and Congress Model are Useless

But in what way has the UPA Model helped the country ? Andhra Pradesh and Haryana are implementing the UPA Model of growth and development. There is both economic and social disaster there. How will the UPA and Congress explain the un -mitigated misery and the thousands of farmers suicides in
Andhra and the utter misery in Haryana?

The Gujarat model might be flawed. But the Congress model is worse since it was thrust on the entire country for 10 years.

1. Severe price rise .

Who will give back the lost 10 years to the ordinary Indians exposed to this economic torture? There was a cavalier attitude by the government towards the screams for relief. Nothing was done. The RBI  which is really a bank administrator,was pressed into the anti- inflation effort. The RBI in India is not equipped for this role. The price rise was was viewed as another tool to harassed by people
and increase revenues.

2. Three lakh farmer suicides.

There was a total silence on this tragedy. No effort was made to reach out by Government.The statistics kept piling and yet there was total silence. Why this deliberate neglect of farmers?

3. Un-employment.

Government ignored the crores of youth looking for jobs. The answer was pour lakhs of crores to selected vote banks in rural areas and create low wage giveaways and create dependencies. Why did government ignore the educated youth ?

The list is endless and tiresome. It Is pointless to say these things because 10 years have been lost. And no one gets punished. Thanks for the great UPA model.


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