Narendra Modi’s First Challenge

This is purely speculation and it might never come to pass that Narendra Modi will become Prime Minister. But if he does form a government, the first problem will be his Cabinet formation.

There are about 40 people who were Ministers in Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s government of 1998- 2004 vintage still around. They will expect to become Ministers. Then there are other seniors like Kalyan Singh who will expect to be made Ministers.

Narendra Modi's first challenge

There is also the imperative that regions, cadets and States have to be represented. This makes the task even more formidable. This I’d a challenge which will be very difficult for Narendra Modi to solve.

The only successful Minister was Jaswant Singh and he has been expelled from the BJP. At uranyl very able politicians like Shatrughun Sinha will expect to be made Ministers .Shatrughun Sinha would have forgotten what a disaster he wax as Health Minister and had to be shifted out to Ministry of Shipping. Once he was shifted out for sheer un-suitability, he could even face Parliament.

Take Uma Bharati, who was a Central Minister and then Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh. She will demand an office. If she was. A disaster, 12 years, has she acquired any new skills to become Minister. Remember that in the last 15 years, governance has becomes more demanding. How ill Narendra Modi say no to her? In the last month, you might have noticed how many times Uma Bharati got I to the news for all the wrong reasons.

Many newspapers have started speculating on who would be in the Cabinet. The guessed were that most of the former Ministers will be included and the glib media talkers will also be included.

To me, it seems that if Dutch a cabinet were to be formed, then the Modi Government will Be like a ship adrift and run aground very fast. One solution is to have a massive induction go technocrats and outstanding citizens which will give a sheen to the government.

The longevity and reputation of a Modi government will depend on the first impression he gives. Old wine in old bottles or  old wine in new bottles will be a disaster.


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