Consequences of TRS ( Telengana Rashtra Samithi)

Consequences of TRS ( Telengana Rashtra Samithi)  win in Telengana.

The elections to the Telengana are over. Results will be out soon. By all accounts, the TRS  looks to win. Naturally, there will be different results for various people.

1. The Congress party had expected to gain politically and form a government. If the TRS wins, it will be a major shock . The very reason of dividing Andhra Pradesh is in vain. It means that Sonia Gandhi has no political sense. It also means that the Congress will win very few MPs. It had expected to win nearly all the 17 MPs. This will be a major setback.

2. The BJP expected that out  of sheer gratitude, it will perform well Defeat in Telengana means that the BJP  got nothing.

3. The TDP expected that it will do well for many reasons. It also has an alliance with the BJP. Here again, the TDP  is guilty of a major mis-calculation.

4. The MIM of Owaisi family also thought that it would have some kind of big role. If TRS does not need them, then MIM will eventually face challenges. This is another problem in Telengana, where there will be some tension, due to politics and Minority leadership.

The TRS winning the election will also mean the end of Congress Party dominance. Instead of a two -party State, it will be a multi-Party state, where national parties find them selves being squeezed out.

There will be too many un-intended consequences in Telengana.


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