Pullarao Pentapati – Election Commission Has Failed The Country

Ever since the election process has started, I have had a close and direct opportunity to see how the electoral process works. No doubt, on May 16, the Election Commission will pat itself and congratulate itself for conducting elections to the largest democracy in the world.

Election Commission has failed the country

The ordinary voter is happy if he can vote as it gives him a great sense of power…..especially if his vote secures a victor of his choice or the defeat of someone he despises.

The system is so flawed. People may not see or hear of booth-capturing. Booth-capturing is a thing of the past. Now ,instead of violence, political parties use gifts and other lures of cash and kind. The new system is nearly as perfect as  booth-capturing. There is no violence and you can get all the votes.

In Andhra Pradesh, the Times of India reported on May 2, 2014 that near 5 lakh postal ballots were bought from officials going on Election duty. There has been a Hue and cry in the media. Yet, till date, the Chief Electoral Officer, Andhra Pradesh has done nothing.

There is so much conspicuous expenditure. But the Election Commission says that party expenditure has no limits. There is a limit only on a candidate’s personal expenditure. This has allowed political parties to advertise as much as  they like and bring in star campaigners at huge expenditure. This Is definitely an irrational and un-fair way of conducting elections. The Election Commission has the means and powers to stop such irregularities. But it has chosen not to do so.

Thee are so many ways that the Election Commission permits political parties to misuse the system, amass money and then spend It. Political parties over-awe any individual from even attempting to contest Elections.

There are no free and fair elections.Sadly, the system is so stacked that we cannot bring another change. The only Constant is not Change, but No-Change.


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