Pullarao Pentapati – Can Narendra Modi’s Big Four in the Cabinet perform?

Narendra Modi has succeeded for the moment in having a small government. Modi has been consistently saying that he will give  ” Minimum government.Maximum government “.

He has given a reasonably small cabinet. But it can be smaller definitely. However, there are now many worries on whether the Cabinet has the talent and shrewdness in meeting the erected and existing challenges.

Can Narendra Modi's Big Four in the Cabinet perform
Normally, people focusing the Big 4 Ministers..Finance, Foreign affairs, Home and Defense.

In this matter, Modi did as well as he could. But all the 4 Big Four Ministers have much to worry about the external environment and hence their performance has to be awaited.

Foreign countries eat he subject of Ministries of Defense and External Affairs. Both these Ministries act and react based on the actions or events that happen in foreign countries. They have little control over such events and incidents.

Even the Finance Ministry now has to shape it’s policies based on international markets and international economic conditions. A whole lot of fiscal, financial and monetary policies spend on multi-lateral agreements.The IMF, the World Bank, the major economic powers determine the
state of trade and value of the India rupee.So even the Finance Ministry has to evolve  policies and actions based on international events.There is great dependency in the economic world.

The Home Ministry used to deal with internal security and that was the major problem for decades. But in the last 20 years, since the  Punjab-based Khalistani movement broke out and Indira Gandhi was assassinated, the Home Ministry has now to focus largely on terror from foreign countries or
organizations based in foreign countries ,who are hostile to India.

What we now have is that India government has to focus largely on foreign issues and developments and then create answers in India. The Big Four Ministers and the Prime Ministerr have to perform. Even the Commerce Ministry is totally concerned with trade, exports and I,pros and hence is
also a Foreign-centric Ministry.

The Modi Government must meet international challenges for it to be viewed as a success. Within a few months, we will know whether it is able to do so. Mere action or hyper-activity is not enough. Luck and endless diplomacy are two important ingredients for success.

Let us wait.


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