Pullarao Pentapati – Ministers Need Common Sense, Not Degrees

In the last few days, a  major controversy broke out  that the newly –appointed  Human resources Minister Smt. smriti irani was only a high-School educated person and hence  was not qualified for the Human resources Ministry . It is odd that Ajay Maken, a former Minister in the Congress government, should make a comment on other people’s educational qualification. Not too long ago, when Ajay Maken was the Sports Minister of India, his Congress colleague Mani shankar aiyar made public fun of his degree froma non-elite college of Delhi.

Human resources Minister Smt. smriti irani
At that time, Ajay Maken played an innocent hurt person and got everyone’s sympathy. Looking back, it seems that Mani shankar aiyar, had better intuition than all the rest of us. Obviously, Mani shankar aiyar somehow divined that Ajay Maken was a shallow and petty person and hence made fun of him. In reality,  Ajay Maken is perhaps less  qualified to talk about education than anyone else, since  he has been occupying elected posts for the last 20  years and there is nothing of note that he has contributed anywhere . But then obviously, he excuses himself.

The people of Delhi also recently roundly defeated him .yet, he feels that e is fully qualified to be a Minister and others are not.

It is surely odd that such a person should comment on the educational qualifications of Minister smriti irani or the lack of them. It is even odder that Ajay Maken has now become the person whocan certify someone else’s educational qualifications.

The best ministers ofIndia havebeen those with limited educational qualifications. Even today, kamaraj nadar of Tamilnadu is remembered thoughhe nevercompleted high school. There are dozens of such politicians, whose names shine even today and yet they never went to college.

Being a Ministeris is largely about making choices and then marshalling the human resources to implement them. A person, who can take decisions based on common sense and be a great motivator, will make the best minister. A great Minister will also be one who will select the right people.

One thing is sure .  Ajay Maken had a degree. But is there anyone who can call him a successful minister? What will be he remembered for?

Maye his nasty remark on smriti irani ….


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