Pullarao Pentapati – Low – Cost Airports: No-Frills Airports

India has 4 deluxe private airports   at Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad. Approximately, 70% of all air traffic either originates at these 4 airports or lands there These 4 airports are very expensive and that is the reason flying is very expensive in India.

IngiGo at T3

In all other countries, there are Low-Cost Airports to supplement the high-Cost airports.  Airlines have been asking the government to ensure that these airports charge less for landings, take-offs and parking. But no heed is paid to them.

Passengers are paying at least 20% higher ticket charges due to such expensive airports.

a. Every big city or country in the world has Low cost airports.  London has Heathrow and Gattswick and other Airports.

b. New York has the famous   JFK Airport and nearby NEWARK in New Jersey.

c. Chicago has two additional airports in addition to its main airport, namely O’hare Airport.

d. Delhi needs a Low-Cost airport near Alwar or somewhere quite close.  Flying   would become cheaper by 30%.

The private airports had made the Ministry of Civil Aviation sign agreements that no other airport would come up within 150 miles/Km from the present airports. This is an oppressive agreement and it can be modified. That is why no airport has come up within 150 miles from Delhi. This agreement   has tied up the government for 60 years.

If Government develops or encourages the development of low-Cost airports, it would change connectivity in the country and make travel cheaper.  Air travel cannot become cheaper unless there are No-frills Low costs Airports. Cheaper  air travel would  increase  economic activity and boost national income


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