Pullarao Pentapati – Shri A.K. Anthony is always right

Along with late KamarajNadar ,LalBahadurShastri and other great post-IndependenceIndian politicians , we can definitely list  the former  defence Minister A.K. Anthony. Thrice Chief ministerofKerala and the firststint at the age of 33 years…well, he is a   legend.

In his nearly 50-year political career, A.K. Anthony never got involved in any sleaze or corruption. In the last few days, A.K. Anthony has hit the news for his highly incisive remark that

Shri A.K. Anthony is always right

“The Congress has lost touch with secularism by being too pro-Minority”. Anthony implied that the public in India felt that the Congress  party has openly become a pro-Minority party, and deliberately  ignored other sections and that is why there was a“ counter-mobilisation “.

Anthony was one of the few politicians’ in the UPA cabinet who was a grass –roots man. Most of the other cabinet Ministerswere either lawyers, chartered accountants or totally based in cities and had no touch with the rest of India.  Anthony understood that the vast majority of the people in India were not pro-NarendraModi about a year ago. But slowly, opinion crystallised for Modi, since they felt that the Congress party was indulging in vote-bank politics.

The Congress party aggressively tried to woo the Minorities, thinking that if it gets the Minority vote, then it will win the election.This was based on the assumption that the restof 85% of the people will be splintered and hence a victory can be fashioned. Most senior politicians know that there was anger amongst people to see that some communities and castes were getting all the attention and funds.

In fact, the Congress party kept praising itself for the many “rights-based laws” it passed. In fact, it was these laws which turned away the majority of people from the Congress. There was a feeling that these laws were biased and took away the rights of some sections.

Of course, there will be many people who will dis-agree with A.K. Anthony. But the fact remains that Shri A.K. Anthony was able to observe and sense   the anger of the majority of people in India.  This is a message to all the politicians that it is un-wise to try to cater only to some communities or castes. Try for the general good and there will be rewards.

The Congress party and all other political parties must seriously introspect what Shri Anthony has said. There is much wisdom in it.


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