Pullarao Pentapati – Government should DUMP the UIDAI. ( Uinque ID)

There are disturbing reports that the BJP Government is hanging on to major schemes and policies  of the last UPA Government. Of course, the same government officials continue and naturally, they convince the new government that the policies wee excellent and that only it’s implementation was faulty.

Pullarao Pentapati
The new government is also usually bereft of good ideas. In the beginning, any new government  gets excited and acts as if they have a big truck of new ideas. Usually governments  get defeated due to their own follies. New governments ,once in office, find they are bankrupt of ideas. Their MPs are great politicians ,but they make poor Ministers.

This disease also affects the BJP. Once in office, the BJP also is following everything the old government did. A good example is the UNIQUE  ID. This is a wasteful scheme and actually was an employment scheme for NANDAN NILEKANI.

There are so many flaws in the UID. Yet, we hear that the BJP is going to continue  this wasteful scheme. There seems to be no major change expected. Similarly, ideas like DIRECT BENFIT TRANSFER ( DBT) are  also being retained.

If this trend continues, people will slowly find that there is no difference between the UPA Government and the BJP Government.

Jean Baptistery Alphons Karr lived between 1804 and 1890 in France. He was a journalist and writer. He said:   “the more thinsg change, the more they remain the same “. This is precisely what is happening. After a year, people will wonder whether there is a new government at all.

Take it from me…the Planning Commission will soon be restored. Change does not mean only a change of a political party, which comes into government. Change must involve boldly eliminating wasteful practices and sending a message. By continuing controversial policies, the BJP Government will also be blamed for past failures. The UIDAI  is a white elephant. It’s ID simply adds to the security weaknesses of the country.


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