Pullarao Pentapati – Recent Railways Budget:

The recent railway budget seems to be a continuity of the last many railway budgets, After the wonderful promises of the election that there made, one expected the railway Minister to present a very un-usual budget. But the budget has been very ordinary and nothing new in it.

Pullarao Pentapati

The most surprising thing about this railway budget is that there is no surprise. I must congratulate the Railway Minister that he managed to present a budget, which lacks no surprise at all..

The railway budget has shocked people by this fare raise that the Minister had announced even before the Budget. But the public expected that The fare raise will mean that the railways will enhance services and put the railway on the road to modernization. But nothing happened and the Railway Minister simply said that this fare raise is for past financial problems. That was the first shock you gave the country.

Then there were fantastic things you mention in the budget:

A. The railway minister talks a lot of Bullet trains traveling at 400 Kms  per hour, when all we want are trains that travel a little faster than they did during British times. It is okay to dream. But is to correct to talk about Bullet trains when the existing state of railways is pathetic?

B. the railway minister has not announced steps regarding meeting the immediate demands for trains. He has skipped that demand totally. He has talked vaguely of bullet and Rocket trains. He has nothing for the passengers but dreams .

C. The railway minister has talked about office space on trains. Is it really necessary or is it only to fool people with cosmetics and plastic surgery? The railway minister has talked about WIFI At rao

Way stations. What another clean toilets and sown resign space for passenger at railway stations? Has the Railway minister visited any railway stations, then he would Have seen now passengers sleep on the cement floor of the platforms waiting for trains. Instead of focusing on immediate practical problems, the Minister has adopted an “ESCAPIST Budget”.


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