Pullarao Pentapati – The Chinese President Xi Jenping’s visit to India

The Chinese President XI Jenping’s  visit to India is historic in all ways. Never in recent memory has a Chinese President visited India. Normally, the Chinese  have a tradition of visiting countries where they really have no issues or arguments. India and China have long-pending disputes and they feel not resolved. The Chinese also have sided with Pakistan and hi ex a lot floor territory from Pakistan on ladKh.

Pullarao Pentapati

The Chinese and Pakistan frequently repeat that there is friendship is higher than the Himalayas and can never be broken. Both China and Pakistan say that their friendship is all-weather friendship. The Chinese have helped  Pakistan  in numerous infra-structure projects. They have  also built a strategic port near Karachi for Pakistan  . The. Chinese have also allegedly helped Pakistan acquire nuclear weapons . Pakistan has also got a nuclear weapon delivery system, supposedly given by the Chinese.

The question of the Chinese President’s visit to India now has to find a solution to the following question. Can strategic divergence  meet economic convergence  ?

The Chinese President  was also supposed to  visit Pakistan on this  tour . But the un-stable events in Pakistan has made  him cancel his  visit. This is a major setback for the image of Pakistan. If the visit of the Chinese President is a success, then  a message will go to Pakistan that it’s All-weather friendship with China will now become vulnerable.

India has the advantage that China is facing severe border and defense  issues with Japan , South Korea. ,Philippines and Vietnam . Even distant Australia is now worried about Rising China. The USA has pledged continued presence in Asia and is now sending troops to a military base in Australia. Japan is now thinking of re-arming itself.

China is also very un-happy with the Pakistan in-ability to at Islamic radicals from going to it’s  Western provinces and create trouble. The violence in Western China has become. Serious problem for China. Maybe China feels that terrorism in Western China is too dangerous and it’s friend Pakistan is unable to control extremists. China has perhaps understood that terror camps in Pakistan are a danger for China.

This is great opportunity for India. We should focus on economic relations and strategic relations will follow. If we have peace with China, then most of the foreign policy issues will dis-appear. The next two days will determine how India fares in the next few years.

There should be flexibility on how India reacts to the challenges and opportunities offered by China. Politics is the art of the possible.

One should remember that  anything is possible. Let us wait.


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