Telangana can be very successful

Greater Hyderabad is the largest concentration of Telugus in the world. For Telugus to be a successful ethnic and language group in the world, Hyderabad and Telengana must be economically successfully.  Since the division of the State into two, people would have realized that the promises made to the two States in Parliament and outside are not honored at all and no one really cares.  We are on our own.  One cannot predict political success. But one can definitely plan an economic success story. Actually it is very simple. If Telengana is to be successful, all it has to do is to ensure that things go on as usual. There will be automatic economic growth and prosperity.

Pullarao Pentapati

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Importance of Delhi Elections

Strangely, it does not matter who rules the capital of USA , England , Russia or  France. Can anyone  remember the name of the Mayor of  Bombay ?  Though Delhi is smaller than most cities , the election in Delhi  has become extremely important  for  politicians . The media gives more importance to Delhi than all the states combined.


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Modi And BJP Are Failing in Parliament

The end of the year should have been triumphant  for Narendra Modi . Government was running well and   electoral victories in  Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand  and  Kashmir  were  stunning.  But the Winter session in Parliament was not successful . The BJP has a  majority in  Lok Sabha . But in  Rajya Sabha,    BJP has no majority. In such  situations,  if  Government wants  a  Law  passed, it can  have a Joint session of both  Houses and get  Bills passed. However this is an extreme remedy and rarely done.  The BJP government wanted to pass many laws in Rajya sabha   to help the economy. The Opposition sensed this urgent need of the Government and started raising  difficulties, using  any pretext.

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