Modi And BJP Are Failing in Parliament

The end of the year should have been triumphant  for Narendra Modi . Government was running well and   electoral victories in  Haryana, Maharashtra, Jharkhand  and  Kashmir  were  stunning.  But the Winter session in Parliament was not successful . The BJP has a  majority in  Lok Sabha . But in  Rajya Sabha,    BJP has no majority. In such  situations,  if  Government wants  a  Law  passed, it can  have a Joint session of both  Houses and get  Bills passed. However this is an extreme remedy and rarely done.  The BJP government wanted to pass many laws in Rajya sabha   to help the economy. The Opposition sensed this urgent need of the Government and started raising  difficulties, using  any pretext.

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Prime Minister Modi and His Foreign Visits

Narendra Modi’s rivals have started attacking him for undertaking frequent foreign travel. Incidentally, Rajiv Gandhi was also criticized for his foreign travels. But Rajiv Gandhi achieved more by his foreign visits than he did in India. The Prime Minister is not a Chief Minister or a Zilla Parishad chairman. The main job of the Central government is safety, security and economic stability. These can be assured only through great diplomacy. Charles Talleyrand the French diplomat did more for France than Napoleon. Machiavelli did more for Italy than its Dukes.

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Narendra Modi’s first cabinet reshuffle

Instead of going into names of Ministers, their castes and regional backgrounds, it might be better to have a general over-view of the positives of Cabinet expansion and the limitations that Narendra Modi faced. Barely 5 months have passed and Prime Minister Modi had to go in for a major re-shuffle of his cabinet. There is nothing wrong for a Prime minister in a parliamentary system of government to re-shuffle or expand his cabinet. It is obvious that in the last 5 months some weaknesses have become obvious in the functioning of the government. The existing cabinet was in-adequate both in numbers  and quality to deal with the problems.

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Modi’s first expansion of his cabinet

Modi, Indira Gandhi and “Imposed“ Chief Ministers; The electoral victories in Haryana and Maharashtra of BJP has had two consequences. All the critics of Narendra Modi had to shut up. Then the second more controversial consequence is that Modi  has become an all powerful political figure in India and therefore can appoint anyone he likes as Chief Ministers. The selection of two total novices as Chief Ministers of Haryana and big economic state of India Maharashtra has caused shock and an anticipation that things will definitely go wrong. Who are Chief Ministers Manohar Lal Khattar of Haryana and Devendra  Fadnavis of Maharashtra? The BJP says they are new faces, clean and generally wonderful fellows. No one has heard of them before. Neither of them has any experience in running any part of a state government. Narendra Modi might like them. But is that enough to be Chief Ministers of two most important states, where the BJP has never formed a government?

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Congress Should Avoid Mistakes to Survive

The surprising election results of Haryana and Maharashtra Assemblies have thrown Indian politics into confusion. The results are a great victory for BJP and terrible defeat for Congress. Both Maharashtra and Haryana have been ruled by Congress for a long period and are very important States economically. The BJP had never ruled either Haryana or Maharashtra. For the first time, BJP is going to rule Haryana and Maharashtra. The BJP will become a major force and the Congress will have to find new strategies to survive.

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BJP had no Option but to break Shiv Sena Alliance

The elections to Haryana and Maharashtra are on October 15, 2014. The most un-expected things have happened. In Maharashtra, the 25 year old iron alliance with the Shiv Sena was broken.  This sudden situation has surprised everyone.  You see, the BJP did not act   as it was expected. The BJP refused to be insulted and refused to succumb to threats. The problem with threats is sometimes threats do not work. 

Ideally, BJP which is in power in Delhi needed to have Shiv Sena in Maharashtra to win state elections.  If the Congress party forms a government in these two states, it will be a major setback to BJP.


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Narendra Modi and the USA

THE way peoples’ fortunes change suddenly is astonishing. Just a 100 days ago, the USA refused to give a Visa to Narendra Modi. Now by Sept. 25,Modi is in  the USA as an honored guest. In fact Modi will be hosted by the US President Barack Obama. Who would have imagined barely a few months ago that Modi would be the Prime Minister or going to USA? Remember that prime minister  Modi was denied a US visa for 12 years.

Prime Minister Modi had met the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of China and the President of Russia at the BRICs meeting in Brazil. The only important person in the world stage  whom he has not met is President Barack Obama of the USA and this gap is being filled now.


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