Greece has Dared to Fail by Pullarao Pentapati

Pullarao Pentapati – Greece is perhaps the oldest and greatest civilization of man. The Chinese and Indian civilizations and some South American civilizations have also been very old. But Greece has been a continuous trend-setter of humanity. Greece is part of the 19 European nations union. They have a common visa and a common currency. It is no longer a Greek crisis since the deadline has past. Along with Portugal, France and Italy, Greece forms part of the Mediterranean nations. They have no oil or major minerals and now all suffer from economic problems. These countries are unable to avoid a large State benefits programs and a big state-employment sector and pension and socials services. These 4 nations are now undergoing serious recession and there is no visible light at the end of the tunnel.

Pullarao Pentapati

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PTI-UNI Report – Rights AP Polavaram Dam

PTI-UNI report. Appeal by eminent personalities to Govt.of India to apply new Land law of 2013 to Polavaram dam displaced.

Eminent writers and personalities today urged the BJP-led NDA government at the centre and the Andhra Pradesh government to provide relief and rehabilitation to one lakh displaced people following the construction of Polavaram dam acoss River Godavari in the first phase. Press Council of India member K Amarnath, economist and senior journalist Dr Pentapati Pulla Rao, Centre for Media Studies, Delhi Chairman Dr N Bhasker Rao and Supreme Court Advocate Shravan Kumar, in a statement here, asserted that the governments had to apply the latest land law of 2013 to Polavaram Dam affected people. Polavaram dam, a Union Government project, located in residuary Andhra Pradesh, is now under the jurisdiction of the central Ministry of Water Resources.

Pullarao Pentapati

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Reserve Bank of India and the latest monetary policy

All those directly interested in the   Indian economy were eagerly waiting to see what the Governor of the Reserve bank of India Dr. Raghuram Rajan would do on Sept.  30, 2014.  It was the day when the RBI would announce its latest monetary policy.  The RBI would determine the lending policies of banks and also the quantum of money available for business activity. Ever since Dr. Raghuram Rajan became the Governor of the RBI, he maintained that he would be a tough anti-inflation fighter and that he would not swerve from this objective.

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BJP had no Option but to break Shiv Sena Alliance

The elections to Haryana and Maharashtra are on October 15, 2014. The most un-expected things have happened. In Maharashtra, the 25 year old iron alliance with the Shiv Sena was broken.  This sudden situation has surprised everyone.  You see, the BJP did not act   as it was expected. The BJP refused to be insulted and refused to succumb to threats. The problem with threats is sometimes threats do not work. 

Ideally, BJP which is in power in Delhi needed to have Shiv Sena in Maharashtra to win state elections.  If the Congress party forms a government in these two states, it will be a major setback to BJP.


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Narendra Modi and the USA

THE way peoples’ fortunes change suddenly is astonishing. Just a 100 days ago, the USA refused to give a Visa to Narendra Modi. Now by Sept. 25,Modi is in  the USA as an honored guest. In fact Modi will be hosted by the US President Barack Obama. Who would have imagined barely a few months ago that Modi would be the Prime Minister or going to USA? Remember that prime minister  Modi was denied a US visa for 12 years.

Prime Minister Modi had met the Prime Minister of Japan, the Prime Minister of Australia, the President of China and the President of Russia at the BRICs meeting in Brazil. The only important person in the world stage  whom he has not met is President Barack Obama of the USA and this gap is being filled now.


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Will Narendra Modi’s “ Make in India“ work?

Prime Minister had launched yet one more campaign on sept. 25, 2014, titled

‘Make in India “. The  objective is to encourage Indian industry and entrepreneurs to produce in India. Right now, manufacturing sector contributes only 15% of GDP. The objective is to raise it to 25%.

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Pullarao Pentapati – Different friends : Japan and China

In the last month, India has seen our Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit Japan and completed a very successful tour. Immediately, we find that the Chinese President. Xi Jinping is in india and he also had a very successful visit. It has been rare to have two such events and visits take place rapidly in the same month .



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